Battle Week Approaches, Gmail Users Wander the ‘Digial Streets’ When it Temporarily Shuts Down, and Summer Streets Attacked…


Battle Week in Brooklyn, a chance for history buffs to stomp on old war grounds, starts this Thursday and has events planned through August 27. It celebrates when the British attacked at Denyse’s Ferry and Gravesend on Brooklyn’s south shore on August 22, 1776, during the revolutionary war. [Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn]

Gmail shut down yesterday for about 90 minutes for many users reminding everyone of how dependent we are on our digital domain. One Twitter user said, “It’s like a neighborhood blackout, now everyone’s out in the street trying to assess what went wrong.” [Bits]

Summer Streets entranced NYC media for the last few days with folks proclaiming its wild success. But just what determines success in this case asks this blogger? Bloomberg’s triumphant declaration of its success stinks like Bush’s infamous ‘Mission Accomplished’ photo-op near the start of Iraq. “Please tell me that ‘success’ is defined a little more concretely than ‘people having fun’” this blogger writes. [Commuter Outrage]

NYC pioneers escalators that slow down while idle, saving an estimated $1,800 per unit per year through energy conservation. But what’s to stop them from malfunctioning just as their older counterparts constantly do? [NY1]

Congressman Charlie Rangel was praised today for pressuring landlords into keeping 400 apartments in Section 8. When confronted about the controversy over the multiple rent-controlled apartments he leases, he made comments such as, “Wrong press conference” and “There is no one that doesn’t like me. No one.” [The Daily Politics]

Washington Square Park’s renovations are under way and Curbed has got an inside look – with camera crews inside the fence. Photos show the developing future fountain, which some claim is still not aligned to the Arch. [Curbed]