I Am The Girl You Know: Miss Williamsburg


Free Williamsburg, seconded by Gothamist, tells the touching story of 25-year-old Misha Calvert. She tried to steal a couple bottles of Colt 45 from a Williamsburg bodega, got arrested, and wound up talking the judge into letting her start a local beauty pageant as part of her community service.

If you were expecting the result of this to be something with papier-mâché decorations in a church basement, let us inform you that the Mr. and Miss Williamsburg Pageant has been covered by fine local blogs like Greenpointers, is publicized at, and will be held at the swank Supreme Trading. And as you can see from the palm card, the whole thing is very hipsterrific.

Quite a step up from the orange jumpsuit circuit. Seen one way, the tale of a shorty who boosted two 40s but was given a second chance to make good sounds like an update of Stealing Harvard, only with more reggaeton. And from the glammed-out shot of her at Free Williamsburg, Calvert could pass, if not for street, then for street-legal. That gives us, and you too we’re sure, a warm feeling about America’s hoodlum youth.

On the other hand, we’re pretty sure this is the same Misha Calvert who served as an account coordinator for the Kreisberg Group, “a full-service international marketing and public relations firm representing cultural (profit and non-profit) clients,” and goes to Media Bistro events. But it’s still an uplifting story, even if it is less about overcoming than getting over.