It’s the Economy Stupid! or The Turning Point


God may like to sing and dance and dress up like Don Corleone, but he draws the line at bailing humanity out of its carbon-related problems. That unsavory task is delegated to the bumbling angel Gabriel and a large, exuberant cast of New Yorkers, all of whom prance merrily through their troubles in It’s the Economy Stupid! or The Turning Point, Theater for the New City’s anti-oil, pro-community musical. As Gabriel crosses swords with the dreaded Electric Man and a posse of Mephistophelean oil magnates, everyone learns valuable lessons about the importance of voting, wind power, and hope. (Yes, we can!)

Mounted by TNC’s Street Theater Company, the traveling show is free, but certainly not lackluster. Precisely and energetically staged by writer-director Crystal Field, it’s replete with explosions, banging trapdoors, rotating backdrops, and innumerable costume changes. What with the smoke and the live music, the show may well catch your toddler’s eye, but be ready to occasionally cover your tender offspring’s ears: At one point, Satan and his minions launch into a campy number, rejoicing that oil is “worth more than crack or smack.”