New York



The only other band in recent memory to pull off this many straight NYC shows was the Jonas Brothers. There’ll be a whole lot more tattoos onstage over the next few days at Irving, but otherwise, the ideas aren’t so dissimilar—Rancid too once found a significant teenage audience, even if those who remember the quartet’s rock-radio heyday aren’t really young at all anymore. As Rancid’s last four-night stand in town proved, grown men and women will still scream like 12-year-old girls for “Radio,” “Salvation,” or any number of other songs pulled from the band’s long run as punk rock’s most public ambassadors. They were an anachronism when they started and they remain one now, which only means they’re not at all shy about revisiting past triumphs—permission for you to do the same.

Aug. 14-17, 8:30 p.m., 2008

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