Next year, Brooklyn’s Dirty Projectors are scheduled to release their debut for Domino—the label that launched Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkeys to stardom. So, if you’re the type concerned with being able to say you were there first, think carefully before skipping out on this free gig. Next time they play gratis, it could be at Central Park, Bon Jovi–style. OK, probably not: Even casual fans know that Rise Above, the Projectors’ buzzed-about 2007 disc, was billed as frontman Dave Longstreth’s Afro-soul reimagining of the Black Flag album Damaged, which is about as commercial a proposition as, well, the Black Flag album Damaged. Still, Longstreth and his bandmates are one of New York’s most unique indie-rock acts; don’t miss ’em. Opener White Williams believes in the power of pop as well as the primacy of power—dude plays a laptop, and those have to be plugged in.

Fri., Aug. 15, 7 p.m., 2008