Where Are You From? Runnin’ Scared Counsels Troubled Fellow Citizens


The perfectly lovely Dumbo NYC blog does community service, publishing a note from a neighbor who saw something, said something, and didn’t get shit. Having witnessed the mugging of a drunk guy on Gold Street, and recognizing the assailant as a local vagrant, the correspondent and some other locals thought they’d give the cops who responded (“a little late I might add”) some backup . But the victim didn’t want to press charges and the cops claimed there was “nothing they can really do” and that it was “not worth their while to pursue from a legal standpoint. Even more disturbing was their unwillingness to file a report from the witness standpoint. They kept saying that it would not hold up in court so there was no point.” The correspondent also says that the officers pressured the drunk, confused victim not to file a report himself.

Oddly, the post is titled “How You Can Help Stop Crime In Dumbo/Vinegar Hill.”

Runnin’ Scared counsels a sympathetic attitude toward the police, or the appearance of one, to get them on your side. As former cop Eddie McNamara explains, “Cops deal with the finest fuckups our society has to offer. After a while the mentality of ‘everyone is an asshole’ begins to take form; constantly meeting people on their worst day tends to do that to you.” Also: “Make friends with a cop or be related to one — get a PBA card.”

Meanwhile Gowanus Lounge does follow-up on its <HREF=”” target=”surf”>subway station blowjob story that swept the internet. No, it wasn’t that sort of story, and neither are the responses from Park Slope parents: “A couple of weeks ago, I was in the park on the hill by the baseball fields and saw a couple having sex just meters away from where I had sat down to have a picnic with my 2.5yr old daughter…” Also, “There was a man standing at the top of the stairs playing with himself and looking directly at me. I was in shock. I felt totally violated…”

Runnin’ Scared counsels a purse/backpack/shoulder bag full of rocks you can throw at pervs. You’re in the right — press your advantage, and shame will probably send him/them away. If it doesn’t, they’ll have a hard time chasing you with their pants around their ankles.

Finally, Subway Blogger touts a subway musician. “Have you ever seen this guy?,” asks SB. “He’s awesome.”

Runnin’ Scared counsels: Don’t do this. Don’t recommend subway musicians, even if you think they’re good. If Jascha Heifetz came back to life and started playing on the R platform, most of your fellow citizens would wish him into the cornfield. You shouldn’t side with them against your own kind. Subway players are by definition an annoyance, especially if they play with recorded accompaniment, and most especially if they are playing GnR.