This SummerStage triple bill of homegrown talent will hit all the bespectacled third eyes and then some. Headliners Battles have their labyrinthine math-rock riffs—as well as their Bugs Bunny hallway-chase sequences—down pat. Maybe when the Nets move to Brooklyn, they’ll realize that Battles’ “Atlas” is the second coming of Gary Glitter’s “Rock & Roll Pt. 2” (a/k/a “the Hey song”): all fist-pumping glitzy gobbledygook that’s perfect for sports arenas. Meanwhile, Black Dice saw both Fuck Buttons and Growing produce record-length homages this year, but the trio remains ahead of the noisemaking curve by somehow inducing body movement with its mesmeric squelches. Gang Gang Dance may be the unluckiest band of outsiders in the world, what with drummer Tim DeWit being shot last month (he’s convalescing now)—but they did finish their follow-up to 2004’s still-golden God’s Money, so things are definitely looking up.

Sat., Aug. 16, 3 p.m., 2008