Al Jazeera’s NYC Street Food Special


On Serious Eats today, there’s a posting of an Al Jazeera special on Jerusalem’s street food. It delves into what food means in a war-torn city in a serious way without neglecting to celebrate the simple, pleasurable nature of street food. It’s really well done, and it made me wonder if Al Jazeera often covers food. A quick search on You Tube yielded a bunch of these 12-minute “Street Food” segments, exploring cities all over the world, from Nairobi to Cairo to London.

This segment, posted above is all about New York’s street food and the lives of the vendors, many of whom are from the Middle East or South Asia. It’s really engaging and well worth the 12 minutes it takes to watch it—a familiar subject seen through a different lens. Plus, Our Man Sietsema makes a surprise appearance about halfway through!