Ballpark Figure: Top Citi Field Seats $495


What do you know about that: seats at Citi Field, the home of the Mets as of next year, will be significantly more expensive than seats at Shea.

“The choicest seats will cost $495 — a 79 percent increase” from Shea’s top price, reports the New York Post.

The funny part is, the Mets plans to sell off the old Shea seats at $869 a pair, making each of these historic plastic units $60.50 cheaper than the new top seats.

But you still want a $495 seat, right? Sorry, they’re all sold out.

The suites are almost sold out, too, Loge13 told us earlier this month — despite their quarter- to half-a-mil price tags. Also, “some season-ticket holders are facing upwards of a 150 percent price hike for their ducats,” per the Post. Even the lowest-priced seats at Citi Field are more than twice as much as the picnic seats at Shea.

The Mets say that “more than 50% of the seats will cost $50 or less.” Did me mention that Citi Field will have more than 12,000 fewer seats than Shea?

But no one’s told us what we really want to know: when do they go on sale?