Booze, Weed, and Other Shit in This Week’s Column


Kindly click on my column—which is like the blog, only longer—and you will read about events celebrating Bottle Shock and Pineapple Express, two new movies that delve into the power intoxicants have over people, not just when they suck them in, but when they try to seize control of their marketing and distribution. It’s some good shit—my column, that is—and speaking of that, fecal matter happens to be the pungent running thread through the whole thing, whether I’m talking about Andres Serrano‘s upcoming show of excremental art or the cocky-doody idea some studio has of doing a Hairspray 2, not to mention my triumphant mention of the Bottle Shock scene where the wine turns brown. Enjoy. It’s great bathroom reading!

Seth Rogen Taunts Me With Weed