Our Man Sietsema Adores James


This week, Our Man Sietsema is at James, a new American bistro in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. And it’s an almost unqualified rave. Our Man loves the sweetbreads, the asparagus salad, the burger, the heirloom tomato salad…

Were my friends and I dining at some gold-plated Vongerichten, Boulud, or Bouley outpost?

How did neighborhood bistro fare become so—for lack of a better word—sophisticated? And who swiped the French-onion soup and steak frites?

Even the wine garners Our Man’s praise—a well-priced selection that includes a French Muscadet and an Italian Barbera, both of which Our Man enjoys.

The only things that bother Our Man about James is the lack of vegetarian entrees, and the need for an awning to block the strong late afternoon sun. Our Man doesn’t write reviews like this everyday, so I suggest you get there soon.

605 Carlton Avenue
Prospect Heights, Brooklyn