Voice Choice: A Day in Dig Nation


In his critically acclaimed work A Day in Dig Nation, performer and co-writer Michael McQuilken kind of reminds us of an iPod: He’s quick-minded, colorful, plays great tunes, performs with multiple technologies, and is on the cutting edge of his industry. And did we mention that he’s also pretty fine? In his triple-act multimedia solo performance, which explores the dangers of living with too much technology, McQuilken’s character Rex resides in a post-apocalyptic bunker in which—through prerecorded video images and soundtracks—his computer guides him as though he were the machine. Country music, hip-hop, dance, acrobatics, and capoeira also feature in this Flying Carpet Theatre production. At 8:30pm, Performance Space 122, 150 First Ave., 212-477-5829, $10-$20