Daughters of Celebrities Are Our Spiritual Children


Rumer Willis

I have a special fondness for celebrity offspring because firstly, you have to feel for anyone whose folks try to squeeze in parenting in between red carpet appearances, and secondly, these kids generally pop out of the womb without sharing any of the beautiful effects of their parents’ surgery. Yes, apparently, a baby does not get whatever work the parents have had automatically transferred onto his or her face. So they tend to have a certain realness, looking sort of like masses of unfinished business before the rough edges are smoothed out (though many promptly have work of their own, thereby speeding the process).

The realness factor is why I particularly appreciate two celeb offspring—Eva Amurri (who’s the daughter of Oscar winner Susan Sarandon) and Rumer Willis (who birthed from the illustrious Demi Moore and Bruce Willis). I assumed Amurri was some kind of obscure joke until seeing The Life Before Her Eyes, which made me realize Miss Thing can really act. (The underrated film is in on DVD. Check it out and see if you agree.) And while Rumer gets crucified for looking a bit out of the box, that’s exactly what I adore about her! I love her oblong face! It’s eye catching! I have no idea if she has any real thesping chops—inexplicably enough, I haven’t seen The House Bunny yet—but she definitely has character and that automatically makes her soar about most of the movieland wannabes. Yes, Rumer has it.