I’m Not Waking Up Tomorrow Morning And Finding Out There’s No J-Hud There


image lovingly borrowed from Clare and Dave’s flickr photostream

With every step forward, Jennifer Hudson is slapping the world in the face—or at least those fucked-up occupants who didn’t vote for her on American Idol. The only reality show loser to become an Oscar winner–I swear–Hudson keeps on trucking, having released a song, “Spotlight,” which is getting some play in various New York gay bars, at the very least. Here’s the first of Jen’s webisodes in which she talks on the set of the song’s video, musing about success, realness, and, naturally, our great big God. Most of what she says could be platituded right onto a greeting card, but it’s all totally true so I say keep shining a spotlight on my girl! And next time get her a better song!

View the video here.