Morning Crime Stories


Prosecutors say Robert Camarano and Michelle Hyams shared an apartment and a life in Chelsea, though apparently not equally the financial duties of maintaining it. One night she complained to him about pawning some of her stuff for drugs. In response, he stabbed her in the head and neck. “Police questioned him immediately after the murder, and he allegedly flipped out in the station house, throwing a chair through an interrogation room window.” [New York Post]

13-year-old Frankie DiPasquale had lived in the Forest Houses in the Bronx, but moved to Pompano Beach, Florida. He returned recently and attended a party at which a fight broke out. Later DiPasquale was hanging on a bench with his friend, 20-year-old Anthony Morales, when some men came up to them and started shooting. DiPasquale was shot in the arm and thigh, and Morales in the head. Morales is dead and police are looking for suspects. “[Frankie] was actually in Florida to get away from all of this,” said DiPasquale’s aunt, a program coordinator for an East Harlem Boys and Girls club. [New York Daily News]

Another visitor, Veronica Cruz, was visiting relatives in Far Rockaway, Queens when, it is charged, her cousin shot her in the head. 18-year-old Felix Cruz says he was cleaning his gun and it went off accidentally. Felix Cruz is charged with “manslaughter, criminal possession of a weapon, criminal negligent homicide, and tampering with physical evidence.” [ABC7 Online]

64-year-old Ruth Wade is known as “Grandma” around her way, Stapleton, Staten Island. She’d been evicted from her apartment and was living with Henry Showard and his wife on Van Duzer Street. On July 17, it is alleged, Grandma stabbed Showard to death and fled. Sharp objects are apparently her M.O.: she’d been arrested for using a meat cleaver and a steak knife on other victims. Cops had some trouble finding Grandma, but finally tracked her down at a women’s shelter, and she is now in custody and charged with second-degree murder. [Staten Island Advance]