Wilco Plays “Great” Show, Insults Brooklyn


Indefatigable reporter of local music events Brooklyn Vegan says Wilco put on a “great, packed show” at the Pool in McCarren Park last night. But he had a few complaints. For one thing, says BV, Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy “straight up dissed Brooklyn.”

Tweedy “said something like, ‘What’s wrong Brooklyn? Would you have liked that better if we put a ‘Love Will Tear us Apart’ fill in there?’ I realize Jeff is a comedian, but now there is also one person I know that considers him a mortal enemy for that one.”

Tweedy also criticized the crowd for “clapping the wrong beat to one song,” says Brooklyn Vegan.

We are less distressed, partly because insulting the audience is a venerable rock tradition, and partly because the show was a benefit for the Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn, which among its other good works is co-sponsoring the Pool’s redesign. We disseminate BV’s report, though, because Brooklynites can never have enough reasons to take offense.