Readers Remember the Blackout


We got some nice Blackout of ’03 reminiscences in response to our request on Thursday. Commenter dstein had just learned how to drive stick and was doing his first solo run through Queens when he wound up on Northern Boulevard with no traffic lights. Chris was at JFK when the power failed and he got “stuck in this technicolor nightmare of endless tile for three days and nights.” Fortunately he found a couple with some wine, another couple with some dragon eye fruit, and a woman with some Starbursts. He had cheese he had smuggled in from the Cotswolds. It made for a nice picnic.

GCurl tried to carry water 130 blocks, and says it “sucks beyond belief.” “Our yard turned into party central,” says Colleen, “as we were the only ones with a battery powered tv set.” DJ Crystal Clear was happy to have a scooter to ride over the Manhattan Bridge, but pissed she didn’t have a second helmet so she could oblige the folks who offered her good money to take them along.

Charles Ling walked over the Brooklyn Bridge: “Imagine my horror when I got to the other side and there was Marty Markowitz shaking everyone’s hands and yelling nonsense about the Brooklyn being the greatest city in the world. I bumped into him pretty hard, lifted his keys and wallet and headed over to Borough Hall. I look quite a bit like Marty so with his ID I was able to get into his office. I used his keys to open all his drawers and closets and was disgusted to find a room filled with blow up sex dolls dressed up in clown costumes and makeup…”

Elsewhere: An Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn reader spent a pleasant night drinking cocktails beside a “swimming pool in the backyard of her brownstone.” Mrod remembers “Spending all my cash on 1 dollar pints at the Irish bar next door to my apartment in midtown.” Gothamist readers contributed: “Got to see the stars in Central Park and had free sushi b/c Sushi a go-go was giving it away.” “Driving was a dream with no stop lights, the traffic actually moved a whole lot better than it normally did… I also ended up getting laid out of doors, first and last time I did that. Very enjoyable.” “I helped carry a woman with cancer down 19 flights of stairs to the street, then stayed at work until midnight and finally got home by being the only car on the Queensboro Bridge (don’t ask).” “I also only had 7 bucks to my name, and no way to get cash. I spent it on a Hefeweizen draft at Cafe Steinhof.”

Sounds like fun. Let’s have another!