Giuliani: No Regrets, No Plans, No Story


In an article to appear in its Sunday edition, the New York Times says Rudolph Giliani is “too busy rebuilding his business and promoting the presidential candidacy of Senator John McCain” to think about the collapse of his one-time highly-favored run for President. An associate confirms: “Once the campaign was over, he was happy to let go.”

The Times says Giuliani fills his days running Giuliani Partners and Bracewell & Giuliani, and stumping for McCain “more bluntly than would be politic if the candidate himself did it.” He also travels.

And that’s pretty much it: no policy discussions, no campaign analysis, and no glimpses into his personality, apart from Giuliani’s cryptic comment that “My state of mind is that I really enjoy what I am doing.” But he’s Rudolph Giuliani, and attention must be paid.