NYC RFD: Liveblogging Brett, Goodbye Goethals, Et Alia


MVN is live-blogging the debut of new Jets quarterback Brett Favre. Greg Trippiedi at 7:11 pm: “Favre is 3 for 3.” (realpantherman comments: “go Favre.). 7:13 pm: “Marcus Washington and Corneilius Griffin get to Favre and take him down… That’s a lack of familarity with the playbook, i feel.” (realpantherman comments: “Redskins D is no joke.”) Etc.

The 80-year-old Goethals Bridge between Staten Island and New Jersey is going away, reports New Civil Engineer. Current proposals for a replacement, which the Port Authority expects to complete in 2015, include wider lanes, shoulders, and “a provision for a future mass transit corridor in the centre of the bridge.”

The guy who was arrested for trying to shake down Giants coach Tom Coughlin with adultery claims is “an overweight, awkward homebody, who lives with his mother,” says the New York Post. “He’s real nerdy,” adds a neighbor. So much for our speculation that he might be a high-powered executive.

At the Brooklynian message board, apollonia666 noticed the driver of her B61 bus “nodding off at the wheel” as he was taking her and, presumably, several other passengers to work Friday morning. apollonia666 reported the incident to the MTA.

Yesterday NewYorkology snapped pics of a bunch of young people walking with a camera crew in Red Hook. “Is that ‘Real World Red Hook’ filming on Beard Street?” they asked. Today NewYorkology resumes its stalking at the end Pier 41.