Advance Covers Phone News of a Bygone Era


Maybe Staten Island is a little old-fashioned about phones. For one thing, the Staten Island Advance believes its readers are interested in a long story about pay phones. There are only 237 of them in the borough, apparently, and Advance reporters find that many of them don’t work, and some suffer the indignity of being stuffed with trash. “It’s a nationwide trend,” says the Advance, “now into its second decade.”

The Advance also reports on Caller ID spoofing services such as Telespoof and SpoofCard, which have been in the news since Paris Hilton made it popular in 2006.

We shouldn’t scoff: phone nostalgia may be the next wave. An app called Rotary Dialer which allows iPhone users to stick their fingers in a virtual dial and twirl to connect has been well-reviewed by the Times and the Wall Street Journal. Maybe when that “Mad Men” craze really hits, people will be asking for phone booths to come back (the old-school Superman kind, not this.)