Homage to the Frying Pan


Joe My God pays tribute to the Frying Pan, an old lightship that was for years the vessel for the kickoff bash of the Saint-at-Large’s famous Black Party, “where several hundred men danced in its spooky hold,” recalls Joe, “risking tetanus and a few other things.” (The Saint, for short-timers, was a legendary dance club in the old East Village.)

Joe’s readers also reminisce: “It brings back great memories from when the ship was a tourist attraction in Southport, NC, in the early 80s. I went to visit it with a guy I was dating at the time. When below deck, he gave me a terrific blowjob. I looked out one of the portholes and could see the feet of other tourists walking by.”

The boat has suffered legal troubles of late, but it’s back in commission, and its website says it’s “the perfect place to host your next party, wedding or corporate event!”