Late Edition: Apple Knockers, Men’s Rights, Mad Cops, Soap


Some neighbors have soured on the Soho Apple Store. Curbed reproduces a letter from Soho Alliance Director Sean Sweeney to Manhattan Beep Scott Stringer, which says outrages such as “illegal night-time construction” and “Apple employees during their breaks lounging, eating, smoking, littering — in effect, trespassing — on nearby people’s stoops,” and such group events as the recent Jonas Brothers in-store, are “ruining continually our quality-of-life.”

Sweeney is given to such strong turns of phrase. Last year he told the New York Observer that the Alliance sought “to slap Donald Trump across the face.”

In perhaps related news, AppleInsider says that Apple is offering a free 60-day extension to customers of its lousy MobileMe service.

Roy Den Hollander, the attorney who last year sued Manhattan nightclubs that hold Ladies’ Nights for discrimination (and was Talk-of-the-Towned in the New Yorker for it), is now suing Columbia University for having a Women’s Studies program, reports the Wall Street Journal Law Blog. Hollander’s Ladies’ Night lawsuits, brought against the Copacabana, China Club, Lotus, and Sol, are still pending.

In Williamsbridge on Friday around quitting time, says the New York Daily News, Marlon Smith was sitting in his car with his driver’s side door open. From an nearby Suburban, a woman yelled “Close the door, you fucking asshole!” Smith rejoined that she was a “fucking bitch.” Michelle Anglin and Koleen Robinson disembarked the Suburban. Anglin maced Smith and, when he remonstrated, punched him. When a bystander tried to break it up, one of the women asked him if he knew with whom he was fucking, and announced that both women were police officers. Then the women beat Smith with a baton and a gun. On Sunday Anglin and Robinson were suspended from the Force and arraigned on gang assault charges.

Per Brownstoner, someone put soap in the Grand Army Plaza fountain.