A Member of the Wedding


In this sharp show, Susanne M. Winterling has arranged work by nine artists into one engaging entity. Begin with the tumescent angle of Adrian Hermanides’s neon sculpture, which is echoed by Endre Aalrust’s photo of a slouched, chugalugging skinhead. A kaffiyeh wrapped around the youth’s throat segues into another Aalrust shot, the unsettling image of a fur stole draped over a howling dog. Nearby, Dag Nordbrenden documents the political slants of various newspapers through their differing photos of Jacques Chirac as he bows to kiss the hand of German chancellor Angela Merkel. Themes of sex, relationships, and power culminate, after a fashion, with Paulette Phillips’s Homewrecker (ghost), a small chiffon figure levitating in thrall to an oscillating electromagnetic current. An accompanying film loop features a woman whose luxuriant tresses blow endlessly around her face, even as her tightly buttoned white nightgown signals little hope of passionate release.

Mondays-Fridays, 11 a.m. Starts: July 23. Continues through Aug. 29, 2008