Another Free iTunes Single of the Week: Gran Ronde’s “Wisdom”


New iTunes single of the week, Gran Ronde’s “Wisdom,” namechecks “the ’70s” and uses “wishful thinking” as a verb; not sure about the song, which the commentators over at iTunes seem to have already agreed sounds like a mix of “Killers/The Bravery,” but the above photo definitely shows some dudes who are ready to be famous. Being from L.A., they’re going the leather jacket/sunglasses/shiny boots route, which I suppose makes people take you more seriously out there (and in the U.K., for that matter, where their management and press coverage comes from). On the other hand, the song clocks right at two minutes, which is pop savvy like naming your band for an Oregon river is not: “When the settlers came [to Oregon], the French trappers named it the Grande Ronde Valley, which loosely means ‘fine, large valley.’ I always thought it was a cool, poetic name.”

Next week’s prediction: countryish, young, female, American Idol-y.