Brooklyn Crook Chokes, Robs 85-Year-Old in Elevator


“WANTED,” said Save Brooklyn Now yesterday, “Scumbag mugger of 85-yr-old on Washington Ave. (71st Precinct).” The site reported that a black man in his 20s had followed the victim into an elevator at 1015 Washington a little before 5 pm, put her in a chokehold, and stolen her valuables before fleeing.

Surveillance video at Save Brooklyn Now shows the man entering behind the victim and dashing up to the next floor, where he calls the elevator and joins her aboard. When the door opens at the 5th floor, he chokes and robs her, leaving her motionless on the floor of the elevator.

NY1 follows up today with details: the mugger made small talk with his victim before attacking her and taking her belongings, including her cane.

NY1 points out that attacking an elderly victim is a felony in New York, that the perp “could be linked to similar robberies in the area,” and that a $12,000 reward is offered for tips leading for an arrest and conviction in the case.