Brooklyn Pakistanis Say Good Riddance to Musharref


All politics is local, they say, so the New York Daily News covers the recent resignation of Pervez Musharref from the perspective of the Pakistani community in Coney Island, which seems pleased that the dictator has quit the Presidency.

One subject in “Little Pakistan” along Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn says it’s like “Thanksgiving Day for the Pakistani community.” Another was disappointed that Musharref, who had “promised prosperity,” became a “dictator.” Only one interviewee “mourned the departed strongman.”

Federal investigators will be interested to know that one man complained, “The Americans supported him for their own ends… As soon as he shook hands with the Americans, their war became our war.” Watch your back, Abdul Butt!

Meanwhile WNYC interviews Pakistani-American “Brooklyn bodega manager Bobby Sheikh,” who says “I don’t want him to come over here. He should go someplace else — not in Pakistan and not in United States.”