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Giving new meaning to the term “filthy rich,” the Gazillionaire’s Late Nite Lounge variety show—packed with burlesque, acrobatics, and raunchy stunts—claims it will make Cirque du Soleil fans vomit. But, in fact, the kinky antics of the greasy, white-tux-wearing, self-described “Filipino tranny” known as the Gazillionaire could easily make anyone lose his or her martini in the aisle. Backed by the bizarre musical act Penny and Fish Circus (who sing re the Gazillionaire: “He’s not gay, but he’s down with ass!”), the Gaz loves nothing more than to suck on the toes of innocent audience members and hump and lick their faces while telling stories and jokes that are just plain wrong. There, you’ve now been sufficiently warned.

Aug. 27-Nov. 2, 2008

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