Mad Dog Signs with Sirius


Since Friday, the New York press has been teary-eyed over the departure of Chris “Mad Dog” Russo from the sports call-in team of Mike and the Mad Dog. “It’ll never be the same again,” choked Fox Sports’ Peter Shrager at Deadspin. Even the normally gimlet-eyed Gothamist went valedictory, calling their show “compelling for most of its run” and even saying “we owe them both a thank you for the format they helped create.”

As few-time-listeners, no-time-callers, we imagined Russo was riding off into some kind of rich, mid-life sunset, and would henceforth pass his days rocking on a porch, talking about the good old days. So it came as a surprise to us (though we are told it was expected) that Russo has just signed a five-year contract with the Sirius satellite radio network.

But Runnin’ Scared’s didn’t even weep at the final episode of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” so maybe we are too jaded to understand the emotional pull of era-ending media events, especially when the send-off is almost immediately followed by large cash payments to the honoree.