NYC RFD: The Downfall of New York, Continued


Along with subway ceilings and panes of glass, citizens must now cope with chunks of falling L-train, reports Williamsburg is Dead. “A 10-inch plastic component of the subway advertisement in front of me fell off,” says correspondent The Driggs, “landing squarely on a little girl’s head and then bouncing off onto the floor… a trickle of red blood ran down the side of her face… when the supposed best subway line in New York is literally falling apart and injuring little girls, what hope do the rest of the subway lines have?”

Good matchup: Norman Oder of Atlantic Yards Report interviews that great chronicler of stadium boondoggles Neil deMause, author of Field of Schemes (and many articles for the Voice and posts at Runnin’ Scared). The general topic is: what makes a stadium obsolete? And the general answer is: the owner’s conviction that he can get away with asking for taxpayer money to upgrade it.

The kid in Queens who, we mentioned earlier, was being questioned with regard to several recent rapes in Queens is charged with “forcible touching” in an unrelated incident, says NY1. Police believe at least 14 rapes can be attributed to one or two perps, for whom they are still looking.

70 Clymer Street in the Taylor Wythe Houses of South Williamsburg has a heavy Orthodox Jewish population and, it seems, problems with all three of its elevators. Jacob and Israel Neuman got stuck in one, between the 10th and 11th floor, on their way to school this morning. Five-year-old Jacob was better able to squeeze through the emergency opening in the elevator than his older brother, so he did, and made a brave leap for the 10th floor landing. He fell ten floors to his death, reports New York Daily News.

We didn’t know that the band Semi Precious Weapons lived in Apt. 3R, 252 Java Street in Greenpoint. In fact we didn’t even know who Semi Precious Weapons was. It doesn’t matter now because they’re being evicted, says Curbed.