Post Follows A-Rod In Miami, Soho


Alex Rodriguez is always good copy, so the New York Post‘s Page Six follows him, or takes notes from tipsters who follow him, through Miami and New York high-life.

Rodriguez was first seen in South Beach on Wednesday (why did Page Six sit on this story?), where he and a “blonde” (this must be the “younger version of his estranged wife, Cynthia” to which Page Six’s spies refer) had dinner at Dan Marino’s, then a respite at Bougainvillea.

Noticing rubberneckers outside the club, A-Rod tried “to make out like he wasn’t with her,” said Page Six sources, then introduced the woman as an “old friend” before driving away.

Sunday the Yankee slugger hung out on the roof of Soho House with a ” tall Asian beauty,” said the Post, which adds that A-Rod was “‘out-of-his-way nice’ to the staff.” A professional athlete being nice to the help? They buried the lede.