Today in Edible News


Today’s news that’s fit to eat:

In the future, the machines will pour your wine: Clo, a new wine shop in the Time Warner Center, has an automated system that dispenses two or four ounce samples of about 100 different wines for sale. Sounds a lot like Union Square Wines, but Clo’s futuristic, frosted-cube design makes it all a little more Space Odyssey-esque. Plus, it was conceived by Andrew Bradbury, the sommelier of Las Vegas’ Aureole. [Urban Daddy]

Broke cookies: Mrs. Fields Famous Brands, which includes TCBY, is filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Ironic, since there’s such a glut of frozen yogurt places seeming to make money hand over fist right now. TCBY should have jumped on the natural yogurt flavor bandwagon. [NYT via Serious Eats]

Turtles demand pasta: In Rome, 60 baby sea turtles wandered into a seaside restaurant. They were eventually returned to the sea, and didn’t get any fettuccine for their efforts. [Reuters]

Despite protestations to the contrary, the French adore McDonald’s: Shockingly, France generates McDonald’s second-highest profits, second only to the United States. Nevertheless, the reporter has a hard time finding anyone in Paris who will admit to visiting the chain. [The Times]

Ew. Ew. Ew. A Chicago man who had a nine-foot tapeworm is suing Shaw’s Crab House, because he believes that he acquired the mammoth parasite from improperly cooked fish at Shaw’s. Shaw’s is owned by Lettuce Entertain You, which owns many other Chicago-area restaurants, including James Beard-award winner Tru. [The AP]