Tourists Notice New Yorkers are Busy, Buff, Drink Take-Out Coffee


The New York Times interviews visitors to our fair City and finds them noticing our quaint local customs. For example, retiree Louise Tazer from Seattle “was astounded to be bumped and jostled on the street: ‘So many people are as rude as they can be,’ Ms. Tazer said.”

A Spanish visitor is surprised to see men ripped from the gym, and coffee in go-cups. Two Buffalo tourists “were prepared for colorful characters” and found a drag queen and a costumed pitchman. A Londoner noted that we have fries with everything.

“Indeed,” says correspondent Ralph Blumenthal, “how New York drivers bore down on pedestrians with little regard for safety markings baffled many visitors.”

We applaud the lively style of Blumenthal’s story, especially as it was obviously assigned as some kind of punishment.