Eat your heart out, Dov Charney: Vice Magazine goes way, way beyond the crotch shots in those American Apparel ads for their 2008 Vice Photo Show, a series of photographs that can be regarded as completely and utterly and, yes, beautifully offensive. Among the shots are a few by Dana Goldstein that reveal what a pool party is really capable of when Jim Beam, bubbles, and water guns are involved. Filmmaker David Markey and Jordan Schwartz share their adventures in punk from the early ’80s, in a set edited by Thurston Moore for the book Party With Me Punker, which explores everything from Markey’s poster-covered bedroom to Belinda Carlisle. Also, Maggie Lee captures demonic chicks during a séance, and photographer Jonathan Black has a dreamy series titled “Four Naked Women Who Are Not My Wife and One Naked Woman Who Is.” It’s a challenge trying to figure out which one it is.

Aug. 27-31, 2008