Evening Edition: Golisano’s Mind/Money Games, B’way/Mets Notes


Tom Golisano is messing with people’s minds again. As we reported earlier, the perennial independent Gubernatorial candidate created a $5 million PAC; the Republicans started saying publicly how much Golisano and they had in common; then Golisano gave $1 million to the Democrats just to fuck with them. Now Golisano aide Laureen Oliver says Golisano is “likely” to endorse, through his Responsible New York website, New York Democratic Senate candidates Richard Dollinger and Joe Mesi. The latter is a former boxer whose opponent for the nomination, Michelle Iannello, has called for Golisano to be investigated. That’s why rich guys like to do public service — it’s more fun than a flaming bag of dog poop.

“Prepare ye…” said the graffiti-style posters that had begun to appear around town as a teaser for a production of Godspell, first planned for this summer and then slated to start previews at the Ethel Barrymore on September 29. Alas, says Playbill, the production is postponed, and we wouldn’t hold our breath for a rescheduling: producer Adam Epstein say he couldn’t “move forward without full confidence that the capitalization was in place and that all of those employed by the production could be responsibly taken care of.” Also, a revival of David Mamet’s Speed the Plow quickly grabbed the open Barrymore slot.

The Mets picked up another reliever. Joining recent Mets bullpen arrival Luis Ayala — who was having a lousy year in D.C. at the time of his trade — is Al Reyes, who was actually released by the Tampa Bay Rays last week. But the New York Daily News points out an interesting fact: when Reyes (2-2, 4.37 ERA) joins the Wagner-less club after his Birmingham AAA workout, he’ll have more career saves (32) than anyone on the staff. And by “interesting,” we mean depressing.