Just a Picture from Life’s Other Side


“Secrets of a Hipster Hooker” in Radar today is a pretty good iteration of the “classy college girls you can pay for sex” evergreen. There’s a semi-topical hook (Ashley Dupré); the girls say things like “A lot of rich men approached us, and we thought, Why the fuck not?” and “You know, it was degrading, for sure. But so was cold-calling.” There are even hints of B-movie depravity (“‘He wanted me to force-feed him dog food,’ she says disgustedly”).

There is not much actual sex, unfortunately, but with articles like this it’s really the old moral tug-of-war that keeps the pages turning.

Author Jessica Pilot is torn between admiration for her self-actualized subjects and awareness of their “stupid and self-destructive” side. She is intrigued by a high-end madam, strips naked for her (on the first page!), and even consents to go on a job before chickening out at the last moment. Virtue is rescued, and perhaps even rewarded, depending on what Radar’s rates are.

You can get this kind of thing on a regular basis here, but “Hipster Hooker” is a nice, glossy example of the genre. Only the cultural analysis is a little off: “There is an element of irony in the fact that the prostitution scandal that forced Eliot Spitzer to resign as governor of New York has given impetus to the debate in this country about whether our current laws against sex work make sense.” They have? Where? In our experience, the Spitzer affair has led mostly to lame jokes and rants about government corruption.

But we suppose that if you’re peddling a working-girl-with-an-art-history-degree story to high-end readers, you have to put on the Op-Ed Columnist costume for at least one phase of the session.