Misleading List of “Dangerous” Schools Released


The State today released a list of 19 public schools which are judged “Persistently Dangerous” by the standards of the No Child Left Behind Act.

All but three of the listed schools are in New York City. 16 schools were removed from last year’s list, while eight schools joined this year’s.

NCLB designates as “Persistently Dangerous” any school that records “serious incidents,” ranging from homicide to gun threats, over two or more years. But as Elissa Gootman points out at the Times‘ City Room blog, the list includes several schools for the severely disabled, such as the Robert F. Kennedy School on East 88th Street, where such offenses as gun threats or “reckless endangerment” are more likely the result of mental disorder than of malice.

NYPD statistics show that major and violent crime has declined in City schools over the six years of the Bloomberg Administration, which presumably requested the figures.