Bloomberg’s 3rd Term: They Just Can’t Get Enough


One way to keep Bloomy around. Image adapted from a Flickr photo by CarbonNYC under a Creative Commons license.

Once again, the rumor mill has caught up with Mayor Mike Bloomberg, forcing another wave of denials by the popular mayor. This time, the rumors involve a speculative mayoral third term.

The mayor denied wanting to run again, but at the same time remained non-committal about whether he would sign a bill overturning term limits. In a press conference today, he denied wanting to have a third term, but at the same time claimed that “I’ve always had a policy of never saying what I’m going to do.”

Why the rumors continue-

Like the “Draft Bloomberg” movement to put Mayor Mike on the Presidential ballot, this behind the scenes campaign has been led by forces outside Bloomberg’s office who want to see a pro-business mayor in office. Unlike the almost presidential run, the 3rd term camp lacks the support of Bloomberg’s right hand man, Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheeky, who led the shadow presidential campaign during 2007 and 8. Perhaps because of former Mayor Giuliani’s spectacular face-plant on the campaign trail, Bloomberg finally squashed the Prez rumors in February with a NYT op-ed that said “I listened carefully to those who encouraged me to run, but I am not — and will not be — a candidate for president.”

Which, of course, inspired talk of a VICE-President Bloomberg, as well as a Governor Bloomberg.

So, why do the ‘3rd Term’ rumors persist? I propose 3 possible reasons:

1. Bloomberg likes having his face on the tee-vee screen, and wants to use a threatened 3rd term as a prop to avoid the Lame Duck-itis plaguing George Bush.

2. Other power-hungry politicians want to use a popular Mayor to undermine term-limit restrictions approved by voters in 2001, and will spread the rumors to encourage a bill to loosen the limits.

3. It’s a slow news summer and reporters are really bored.