Jessica Lange and Patti Smith Together Again For The First Time?


Yes, the two-time Oscar winner and punk rock’s poet laureate have teamed for a book called 50 Photographs which, poetically enough, has 50 photographs, all by moonlighting Lange in an arty black-and-white mode. It turns out the woman’s been aiming a camera at stuff for 15 years now, “approaching the art as an antidote to the constant fervor of Hollywood.” But doesn’t Hollywood itself also involve photographing things, sometimes for the sake of art? I guess not when you consider films like Hush and Prozac Nation—but now I’m totally digressing. Lange says she likes the fact that photography, unlike acting, can be a solitary and private endeavor. Still, I bet she’s relieved that her book—which comes out this fall on powerHouse—wasn’t done completely without company. Patti Smith, of all people, wrote the intro. Make sense? Not in the least. Sound interesting? Yep!