New York Times Tries, Fails Drunkblogging


Drunkblogging is a venerable internet tradition, usually involving a loose, louche attitude that gets looser and loucher as the event progresses. We can’t swear that’s what Cindy Price was trying in her liveblog coverage of the Japan-U.S. Women’s Softball game, but it roughly follows the template, starting playfully, at least on the Times‘ stodgy terms (“Right now, we’ve got nothing short of a gold medal game between U.S.A. and Japan to throw down here”) and proceeding to shorter, more excitable entries (“Duran, baby. The count is 2-1. I can see it in our eyes. Time to shine, kid. TIME TO SHINE”) and even expurgated swears (“BOTTOM OF THE FREAKING 7TH”). In other words, it’s what you would expect a NYT drunkblog to look like, except perhaps for the absence of the word “ineffable” and an apology from the Public Editor. But check back for that later.

Image adapted from a Flickr photo by uberphot under a Creative Commons license.