YouTube Treasure: The Jacksons Got Nothin’ On These Crackers


The attached videos never grow old, even if the Osmonds certainly did. See, the Mormon vocal group, who grew up and gradually advanced into AARP territory before our very eyes, did a 50th anniversary concert not long ago, and the highlights of it were captured for all the world to savor and gag from through eternity. Notice how they sound, I don’t know, a little pre-recorded at times. And thrill to the fact that at least two members of the group now look alarmingly like Jiminy Glick. Oh well, Two bad apples don’t spoil the whole bunch, girl.

As an extra bonus, let me throw in a mother-love song from little Jimmy Osmond at his most preciously Oedipal and tooth-rot-inducing. Mama Osmond, by the way, was named Olive, and I can still remember going to a party in her honor where they served nothing but bowls and bowls of olives everywhere you turned. I thought that was a very cute way to carry out a theme, but I so wished her name was Lobster Diablo!