Daily Flog: Honey, I Shrunk the Vote/ Screwed the Kids/ Forgot My 7 Houses


(Roy Edroso of Runnin’ Scared here. Even gadflies have to rest their wings sometimes, so Ward Harkavy is on vacation and I’m filling in as best I can for a few days. )

Associated Press/New York Times: “Ohio: Voting Machine Error

Very brief item, appearing on A-15 of the Times‘ New York edition. The Washington Post gives much more detail on this case of touch-screen voting machines that “briefly” dropped 1,000 votes in Ohio during March primary voting, and mentions, as the Times does not, that the same system is “used in 34 states.” For further details, see this.

CNN: “3 Texas polygamists indicted by grand jury

The legacy of our cultural battles over the past few decades is felt most powerfully in cases like this: since the right wing made common cause with the Branch Davidians during the Waco siege in 1993, religious groups whose notion of the proper treatment of minors conflicts with what most of us consider social norms have held a special place in the conservative heart. So as regards the child brides of the Zion Ranch, conservative outlets like the National Review, among others, have lined up against the government of Texas, hardly a bastion of liberalism, in its continuing prosecutions of that kid-fucking sect. Try to imagine how they would react if you had sex with a 16-year-old.

New York Daily News: “A housing issue: John McCain not sure how many he and wife Cindy own”

The campaign has reached the nadir of absurdity and will, no doubt, crash through the floor and create another. McCain, coasting on what he imagines to be the love of the common white people, didn’t forget how many homes he owned — he just didn’t want to say that he had seven while he was working his down-home, one-of-us schtick. So Obama says it for him. McCain’s campaign reacts by saying Obama was buddies with a corrupt builder. It’s a good thing the country’s in such great shape that we don’t need to discuss anything as boring as real political issues.