PBA Contract: Cop Board Largely, Loudly in Favor


The ink on the contract deal between the City and the PBA is hardly dry, but the reaction at the public forums of Thee RANT, a lively bulletin board populated by cops and cop fans, has been swift. (For background on the board, see here and here.)

At otjkid’s “4 4 4 4” thread, many members were excited about getting their “retro check.” One creates a sign in tribute to PBA chief Patrick Lynch: “Congratulations Job Well Done Patty.”

“YES!!!,” says tinned in. “I can afford to pay back my pension loan!!!!” Keystone Kop is glad “they are releasing us from house arrest while sick.” Saltheshoe says, “I was damm tired of being paid less than a garbageman or a bus driver… The new contract may have just saved the NYPD.”

Apparent retiree LuckySaturday says, “Congrats to all of you guys and gals still toiling for the city. This contract still doesn’t make up for those double 0s but does move you closer to a wage that is more than deserved.”

Some offer political analysis. “[Bloomberg] will be running for governor soon,” says opperbadge. “he did take a beating at our hands in the press. he comes out of this smelling like a frickin rose.” “The unofficial rumored reason for all this largess from the Mayor is because the truth was to come out about the manpower getting close to 1975 levels (if it hasn’t already),” says Prosay. “The city was more than willing to prevent the demise of the job and the city, and gave Lynch this contract, basically saying, ‘Look, take this contract and leave us alone for four years….’ and stuffed a paper in front of him with a list of things on it. The money jumped out and almost bit Lynch on the nose…”

Some have other concerns. “Maybe now we can raise our hiring standards and stop hiring mopes, morons, fat-arses, and gang members,” says PJ. “Now if only something could be done about the micro-managiung and the respect,” says Murray Da COP. “Aaah well, Ill enjoy my $$.”

But most are pleased. There has been some disagreement. “This contract must be VOTED DOWN !!!” declares poster wijimmy at his thread. “First off there is nothing to give back anymore. So don’t say WOW no give backs,” reasons wijimmy. Also, “the cost of living is more then 4% a year [the mandated annual salary increase]… BUT MOSTLY COPS ARE GOING BACKWARDS HERE !!!! IN THE 80’S AND 90’S THE DIFFERENCE IN PAY FOR COPS AND SGTS WAS ONLY ABOUT 10K A YEAR WHAT WILL IT BE NOW ???”

wijimmy’s respondents at this writing are unsympathetic. “can you send some of that shhit you are on over to the meeting tomorrow and get the rest of us high?” asks Highway Chaz.