Summer Friday Short Cuts, from Co-Op City to Qdoba


The power outage that briefly left much of Co-Op City dark this morning is over, reports WCBS.

The Battle of Brooklyn sounds like it should be your favorite Revolutionary War battle, until you realize our side lost it. Nonetheless amNY‘s Richard Pyle commemorates the August 29th anniversary of the day the British drove George Washington’s army across the East River to Manhattan.

In the New York Times Jennifer 8. Lee rhapsodizes the California Roll. Fun fact: the C-roll was developed as “sushi for the Caucasians.” Why no ketchup, then?

Gawker supplies the rich-asshole story of the moment: a PR guy and “adventurist” who says you have to work in an office — or a factory, or wherever it is you non-adventurists work — because “you don’t want it badly enough” to “take the risk, and play the game.” The class war will be twittered.

The Times tells us that Le Figaro, a West Village institution since before even we lived here, closed in June and, if all goes as planned, will soon be a Qdoba.