Yank Crankers: “Worst Loss of the Season”


From a non-groaner perspective, Roy Halliday was in great form and the Blue Jays had a good night.

Yankees bloggers see it differently. The Yanks’ loss to the Jays last night is, you guessed it, “now the front runner for worst loss of the season,” says Pinstripe Alley. “The Yanks continue to lose their grip on any sort of October hope,” says River Ave. Blues. “Joe Girardi gave his nightly ‘I believe in my guys’ speech after the game,” reports Peter Abraham of the LoHud Yankees Blog. “But it lacked the usual energy. Even he knows that it’s a long shot at this point.”

As if that weren’t bad enough mojo, Babe Ruth’s granddaughter tells the New York Sun that she’s upset the Yanks are abandoning the old Stadium. Maybe she and Steinbrenner should arm-wrestle for it.

Image adapted from a Flickr photo by Pro-Zak under a Creative Commons license.