Hardcore Biker Young Gets a Tailwind from the Times


Cyclists, awake! If you live in Flushing, you have an Assembly candidate: Democratic incumbent Ellen Young, whose Times Metro blog puffer opens with Young recuperating from a July bike accident that left her with “a concussion and injuries from head to toe.” reported that Young was riding near the corner of Booth Memorial Avenue and 138th Street in Flushing on July 12, shortly after 8 pm, when she was “clipped” by a cab. Young was knocked unconscious, dislocated her toe, and sustained cuts and bruises (and presumably road rash) and a gash to her head that required three staples to close.

And here’s how hardcore she is: she wasn’t wearing a helmet at the time. But did she offer a groveling apology for her recklessness? No, she pushed for “stronger safety measures to protect bikers and pedestrians in busy urban environments.”

She’ll need more than the cyclist vote this time out against Grace Meng. Young’s seat was once held by Meng’s father, Jimmy, and when he resigned it in 2006 Grace Meng stepped to it. Young successfully challenged Meng’s residence in the district. Now Meng has an appropriate domicile and a bit of momentum. City Hall News reported earlier this month that, while Young still has a fundraising edge, Meng has been catching up quickly: in the past month, Friends of Grace Meng has taken in $33,165, while People for Ellen Young took in just $7,000.

A nice item in the Times couldn’t hurt, though.

Image adapted from a Flickr photo by mindfrieze under a Creative Commons license.