Japanther on the Williamsburg Bridge


photo of Kim by Clayton Hauck

So this one was a fairly well-kept secret, even among the Blabberddy McBlabbers of the blabosphere: dino-dance duo Japanther played a show on the Williamsburg Bridge Friday night. It seems to have gone (mostly) swimmingly, drawing the usual brown-bagging suspects: Franki Chan, Ninjasonik’s Rev. McFly, Bikes in the Kitchen dude Carlos, Finger on the Pulse DJs, and everybody’s favorite venerable Burger institutions Matt & Kim. But of course, the cops came to pay their respects and invariably curtailed the fun. Photos from Chicagoan sojourner Clayton Hauck, with lots more over here.

Japanther drummer Ian Vanek

Ninjasonik’s Reverend McFly