Morning Papers: Drugstore Prices, Ugly Buildings Go Up


You’d think the proliferation of chain drugstores in New York would drive prices down. But the New York Post reports that “prices of drugstore essentials… have gone up by 8.5 percent or more in the last six months.” Manufacturers have raised their prices, sources say, so Duane Reade et alia must do the same. All those Starbuckses didn’t make coffee any cheaper either. Our only hope is a Great Depression.

On the other hand, bagels are cheaper at Hot Bagels and Deli on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights, per the New York Daily News. Here, too, the fluctuating cost of supplies is cited as the cause: The price of a 100-pound bag of flour went from $60 in June to $38 earlier this month.

Clo Gargiulo of the Staten Island Council for Animal Welfare tells the Staten Island Advance about the “silent victims of the sluggish economy” — abandoned pets. Though no figures are givens, Gargiulo maintains that “there are a lot of people giving up pets because they can’t afford them.” He counsels adoption.

Feast of Music says the crowd for the “last-ever JellyNYC Pool Party” at McCarren Pool in Williamsburg yesterday, featuring Ya Lo Tengo and Titus Andronicus, was “absolutely massive — they must have decided to do away with capacity restrictions for once.”

newyorkshitty documents the replacement of a perfectly lovely old brick building in Brooklyn with a hideosity.

Paintball accident at Shoot the Freak in Coney Island, per Kinetic Carnival.

This weekend members of the FDNY’s Marine Co. 3 in Brooklyn rescued a Queens family that had gotten stuck on a jetty at Breezy Point when the tide cut them off from the mainland, reports the Daily News. Then they had to go help Deputy Probation Commissioner Vincent Carrique, who had lost a finger in a fishing accident in Coney Island. “It has been a busy day,” said one of the firefighters.