Rumblings Against Silver in Chinatown, Sun Reports


Now that Sheldon Silver has opponents for the Democratic Assembly nomination — and one of them, Paul Newell, was endorsed by the Times last week — local papers are looking at holes in the Speaker’s support.

Today the New York Sun reports that Chinatown, normally a reliable Silver redoubt, “is becoming a political battlefield in the race,” and quotes critical residents (“Silver hasn’t done anything for the community in years”).

But the Sun does quote Silver backers too, and points out that Chinatown has a “rapidly aging population,” which Virginia Kee suggests will help the Speaker: “People’s support depends very much on the relationship that they’ve had with this person in the past.”

Both Newell and co-contender Luke Henry, we have noticed, have campaign headquarters in Chinatown. Henry was seen “celebrating the Beijing Olympics” with Chinatown residents earlier this month, and Newell’s website proudly displays an excerpt from a New York magazine story reporting that the candidate “has lived with roommates in Chinatown for the last ten years.”