Another Free iTunes Single of the Week: Black Kids’ “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You”


Last week’s prediction: countryish, young, female, American Idol-y.

Well, the prediction was way off here. But who could have known that Black Kids—who’ve essentially been the free iTunes single of the week for a whole year now, ever since this song trickled out onto MySpace nigh last August, and who self-released their CMJ-hysteria sparking EP Wizard of Ahhhs last October, and who’ve already received the adorable sad puppy treatment by Pitchfork on the occasion of their July debut, Partie Traumatic—would in fact be a free download from the most powerful music retailer in the world at this late date in August 2008?

Says iTunes commentator “superdouche”: “Very commercial, instantly marketable pop. Download if you have to [?], but you’re just gonna hear it every time you walk past an American Eagle,” which is funny, since I’ve been hearing it all the time and I haven’t walked past an American Eagle in years. Plus presumably the Eagle’s marketing guys would be less than thrilled by all the brother-sister sexual-type-panting that goes on all over Partie Traumatic, this song very much included. As this paper’s Rob Harvilla once pointed out, “the lyrics to Black Kids’ quasi-hit, ‘I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You,’ as reprinted in Partie Traumatic‘s CD booklet, include 17 exclamation points,” and he went on to posit that “Eventually, unknown Brooklyn bands will be praised to the skies and graced with a headlining gig at the Bowery Ballroom, only to find that the backlash has rendered them worthless before they even have time to throw all their gear in a van and drive it across the Williamsburg Bridge.”

How wrong you were, Rob!

Next week’s prediction: Latin-influenced, female, Timberland rip-off beats.