Limelight Club To Re-Enter the Limelight


It’s back! from phrenologist‘s flickr photostream

This late-breaking item is worth interrupting my week of saucy solitude for: The Slimelight—I mean the Limelight—the longtime club set in a church-turned-drug-rehab-center—is set to reopen its hallowed doors for the umpteenth time. The sprawling and at times perverse playpen debuted in the ‘80s and became a downtown haunt for freaks and fabulosities prancing about the altars and getting on their knees a lot. It’s also where club kid leader Michael Alig wreaked havoc with his band of underage, drugged-out marauders, until going to the cllink (where he still resides) for having offed a drug dealer he probably could have used for many more hazy years. From there on, the place seemed doomed and even downright haunted—a church of the poison mind—but promoters kept giving it a go and eventually it reopened as Estate and then Avalon until shuttering again, its dark history never quite lifting itself off the guest list.

Well, now Steve Lewis—who was deported Limelight owner Peter Gatien’s right-eye man—interviews someone named Joe Dirosa, who states that he has partnered with Ashkenazy to exclusively lease out the joint—but not as a club! So be afraid—but don’t be terrified!